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Dissident Congress is an independent nationalist political movement based in the United Kingdom. We are not affiliated with any political party and neither are we connected with any organisation of the same name operating outside of the United Kingdom. We like to think of our organisation as a movement rather than a pressure group because we do not believe that any of the establishment political parties will ever support our aims and objectives.

Our website is currently being reconstructed and a new logo is being designed. If you require further information then please contact us at info@dissidentcongress.com or by post using the address at the bottom of the webpage.

Does the state have a right to force you to give information?

They think they do every ten years by demanding that we all complete a census form, or else, pay a £1,000 for failing to comply. By filling in your census form you are handing over vast amounts of personal data to the establishment in what is almost certainly the largest legitimate intelligence gathering exercise. New questions in the 2011 Census will include information about your income and place of birth, as well as the existing questions about which languages your family speaks and your ethnicity.

Why worry, you might be thinking. After all the UK had held a census every decade for longer than anybody can remember, and the data is only used for allocating resources for public services and housing. If I don't complete the census then the government might not allocate sufficient resources to myself or my family. But you should worry. The data gathered from the 2011 Census is far from confidential. Under Section 39 Subsection 4 of the Statistics and Registration Service Act 2007, the following organisations now have full access to census data which they can use for any purposes they desire:

  1. The 56 geographical and 8 non-geographical UK Police Forces and in particular the Devon and Cornwall Police who are currently owned by the corporation known as International Business Machines (IBM).
  2. The three UK Intelligence Agencies (MI5, MI6 and GCHQ).
  3. The Department for Work and Pensions.
  4. Private investigator working for the Department for Work and Pensions to hunt down alleged benefits cheats?
  5. Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs tax investigators.
  6. "Approved" Insurance Industry "anti-fraud" investigators / private investigators.
  7. The Home Office Borders and Immigration Agency.
  8. The Serious Organised Crime Agency (either for domestic investigations into Serious Crimes, or for these and also for minor investigations if requested by a Foreign Law Enforcement agency under Mutual Legal Assistance treaties).
  9. Lawyers in civil Court Cases e.g. for Divorce or Libel or Copyright Infringement etc.
  10. Local Authority Trading Standards departments.
  11. Local Authority Environmental Health departments.

Considering that just about every UK Government database has been hacked, leaked, or compromised in some fashion, then how exactly can the Office for National Statistics claim data security and protection of the Census data with any confidence?

If this isn't bad enough then what is even worse is the organisation the UK Government has awarded the contract to process the 2011 Census data is not a British company but the American arms manufacturer Lockheed Martin. ALL American Companies operating both in the United States and overseas are subject to the Patriot Act which allows the US Government full and unrestricted access to ALL data the company possesses. Now, can the UK Government please explain in detail how sensitive information relating to UK citizens can be prevented from falling into the hands of the US Government or their agencies? The way the system works at the moment is that as soon as a completed Census form reaches a Lockheed Martin data processing centre then whatever is written on that form is available to the US Government on request.

A few facts about Lockheed Martin:

  1. They are the second largest defence company in the world.
  2. Produces missiles and land mines which are being used in Afghanistan and Iraq and which are illegal in 154 countries. Manufactures the U-2 and SR-71 Blackbird spy planes, F-16 and F/A-22 jet fighters, Hellfire and Javelin missiles, the F-117 stealth attack fighters used at the beginning of the US invasion of Iraq.
  3. Their former vice-president Bruce Jackson chaired the Coalition for the Liberation of Iraq, a bipartisan group formed to promote Bush's plan for war in Iraq.
  4. Have made billions from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and are a major supplier of weapons to Israel that are used to attack Palestinians. The greatest area of growth for Lockheed Martin is in Intelligence and Surveillance, and as part of this work the company has been moving to data collection projects.
  5. Are heavily involved in the Echelon system which is a global surveillance network that uses intercept stations all over the world to capture all satellite, microwave, cellular and fiber-optic communications traffic. The UK intercept station is based at Menwith Hill in Yorkshire.
  6. A New York Times profile of the company in 2004 opened with the sentence: "Lockheed Martin doesn't run the United States. But it does help run a breathtakingly big part of it."

Dissident Congress is therefore urging a mass boycott of the 2011 Census. But it's illegal you might be thinking and if I don't submit a completed form then I will be fined £1,000 so it's not worth it. Last time round in 2001 approximately 1.5 million British people did not fill in the Census but a mere 38 people were prosecuted. Therefore the chances of being prosecuted for failure to comply are actually quite slim meaning that warnings of a £1,000 fine verge on blackmail.

Victory for Home Educators!

Balls' and Badman's draconian legislation threatening the future of home education in England is now consigned to the dustbin of history.

Very rarely does anything positive come out of Parliament at Westminster, but on the 7th April, Clause 26 of the Children's, Schools, and Families (CSF) bill was thrown out in the House of Lords. This is the section in the CSF bill about home education, and its defeat means that Badman's proposals to impose compulsory registration of home educators; having to plan a curriculum in advance for the next year; and the inspection and monitoring of home educated children, will NOT become law now.

Other proposals thrown out during the wash-up include those concerning compulsory home school agreements, and compulsory sex education in schools with no facilities to opt out. A complete list of which provisions of the CSF bill have been passed as law and which provisions have been thrown out is available on the DCSF website.

Ed Balls expressed immense disappointment that his plans had been defeated in his letter to Conservative MP Michael Gove - the Shadow Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families. Note that there is no mention of education in the paragraphs about home education in this letter. Balls quotes 'proper protection for home educated children' so he is still confusing and conflating safeguarding with education. Balls said that he "will be campaigning to ensure that this Government is returned and that these measures do make it on the statute book in the first session of the new Parliament," so we really need Labour to LOSE the General Election.

This landmark victory following a battle raging for nearly 15 months resulted in massive celebrations in the home education community but appears to have passed the nationalist community by. Nationalists should be celebrating the victory just as much as home educators are because it now means (for the time being) that the rights of parents to educate their children outside of the state school system with the freedom to choose what the children are taught has now been preserved. If Clause 26 became law then it would almost certainly have resulted in home educated children being forced to learn liberal left propaganda taught in state schools as part of the National Curriculum using multicultural educational resources under the watchful eye of Marxist local authority officials. If parents refused to comply then their children would be forced to attend a state school simply in order to be indoctrinated with such lies and nonsense. It would be illegal for parents to provide home educated children with a patriotic education based on high moral standards and expose the lies of Marxism, liberalism, multiculturalism, and NuLab.

One must not get complacent following the defeat of Badman and Balls. A hard fought battle has been triumphantly won but the war against home education still rages on. The enemies of home education are licking their wounds but they are still there and ready to launch further assaults on home education in the future. Celebrate winning this battle, but continue to keep your eyes focused on the war.

Nationalist home education project

We are currently involved in developing a home and community education project for nationalists and patriots. Home and community education has many benefits and advantages over state schools for children from nationalist families, including the ability to learn subjects from outside of the National Curriculum and evade the liberal left brainwashing of the state school system. Home educating nationalist families appear to be very uncommon at the moment judging from our member's involvement in the home education community over the past few years. We have no explanation as to why this is the case as logically nationalist parents should be amongst the first to shun the state school system with its indoctrinaire curriculum and take the responsibility for their children's education into their own hands.

If you feel you are able to contribute to this project or have any resources you think will be beneficial then please contact us.

Nationalist television station

Dissident Congress will be launching a nationalist television station during 2010. This will almost certainly be one of the most exciting developments in the sphere of nationalism. Many ethnic and religious groups already have their own television stations so why shouldn't nationalists have one as well?

We are currently rounding up video material for use in our television station. If you happen to know of any videos that would be of interest to nationalists, or those exposing the corruption of the establishment and its institutions, lurking on YouTube or other websites then please inform us.

Examples of the topics we are interested in include:

  • The European Union
  • Common Purpose
  • The devastating effects of globalisation and the globalised economy
  • Exposure of corruption in banking and financial services
  • Alternative financial and economic systems
  • Good quality and reputable videos exposing Zionism - not 'conspiracy theory' material.
  • The hijacking and subversion of the British political establishment by the global financial and political elite
  • Home and community education
  • Historical and cultural documentaries and educational material

The EU is behind the Every Child Matters programme

Investigation into the Every Child Matters (ECM) programme has highlighted that the EU is behind it. Many sections of the document LISBON EUROPEAN COUNCIL 23 AND 24 MARCH 2000: PRESIDENCY CONCLUSIONS echo the points of the ECM programme. The official government line on the ECM programme, including the Contactpoint database, is that it originated from ideas contained in Lord Laming's 2003 Victoria Climbie Inquiry. This inquiry certainly did contain those ideas, but is being used as a convenient smokescreen by the government to fool the British public into thinking that the leigislation had come from Westminster rather than the EU. We wish to express many thinks to Gill Kilner for her time and effort in wading through many tedious documents in order to unearth this valuable snippet of information. Dissident Congress will be producing our own article about this sinister piece of EU legislation in the future.

What a prat!

As Dissident Congress predicted, Peter Mandelson openly suggested that protesters could go and work elsewhere in Europe if they were unhappy (in Britain).

The former EU Commissioner is renowned for his pro-EU stance and his staunch support for global free trade, and stated that "Protectionism would be a sure-fire way of turning recession into depression."

We at Dissident Congress disagree with this statement as we believe in replacing global free trade with fair trade using protectionism if necessary.

Mandelson also suggested xenophobia might be the cause of the problem!

Unite concealing the truth about the EU

Derek Simpson, the joint leader of Unite, said:

"The unofficial action taking place across the UK is not about race or immigration, its about class. Its about employers who exploit workers regardless of their nationality by undercutting their hard won pay and conditions. These are rights that trade unionists have fought long and hard for while ultra right wing groups did nothing but stoke hatred in our towns and cities."

What Derek Simpson has failed to mention is that EU legislation enabling citizens of other EU countries to take up jobs in Britain without the requirement for work permits is at the root of the issue. Unite, along with all trade unions except Solidarity, are committed to Britain's membership of the EU even if it means having to embrace EU legislation that is detrimental to the British economy and job market.

One must cast their minds back to 2005 and the total inability of trade unions to save MG Rover from bankruptcy and subsequent takeover by a company from China. The British government actually wanted to rescue MG Rover but were prevented from nationalising the company or offering a loan because it would fall foul of EU legislation on subsidies to industry. Trade unions still haven't learnt from this sorry situation and changed their policy to oppose membership of the EU in order to protect British jobs.

Solidarity trade union lambasts the establishment trade unions

Patrick Harrington General Secretary of Solidarity said:

"This grassroots action shows how out-of-touch the political establishment and their tame Union lackeys are. Their hollow promises have been seen for what they are and workers are taking power into their own hands."

"The first reaction of the establishment Trade Unions in condemning the wildcat strikes is a disgrace and shows how far in bed they are with the Government and big business. Now they are back-tracking in the face of rank-and-file anger. We will see more of these strikes as the downturn bites and workers are forced to take militant action to defend their jobs. The feeling of many is that they have been sold-out and 'enough is enough'. We salute those who are making a stand on this vital national issue."

EU Truth website is back online

The excellent EU Truth website which mysteriously vanished from the internet earlier in 2008 is now back online and updated.

Secret police unit set up to spy on British 'domestic extremists'

A secret police intelligence unit has been set up to spy on Left-wing and Right-wing political groups. - The Daily Mail.