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Why sea levels rise and fall

Something the anti global warming brigade likes to keep quiet about

By Riaz Sobrany

The vast majority of water on earth is not contained in the oceans or the polar icecaps but is contained deep within the earth. The exact amount of water trapped inside the earth is unknown but could be over 90% of all water on earth. The old high school crust mantle core model of the earth is a gross simplification and completely unrepresentative of what the earth is really like inside. It is known that vast amounts of water are contained inside porous rocks and as hydrate minerals, but some geologists reckon there are vast cavities of (superheated?) liquid water deep within the earth. Some of the water stored inside the earth reaches the surface via geysers or deep ocean vents close to fault lines. Deep ocean vents can either suck in water from the ocean like a plughole, or pump out water from the earth like a fountain. At the moment most deep ocean vents are in pumping mode which will result in the sea level rising. This is something the anti global warming brigade doesn't like people to know about.

Large quantities of water deep within the earth also results in earthquakes. If a water loaded porous rock or a hydrate mineral comes into contact with magma then it will cause it to release its water as steam. The steam can't escape because it is trapped deep underground, so the pressure builds up until something solid fractures and the steam can disperse. The fracturing and moving of solid material results in an earthquake at the surface.

Does anybody remember the earthquake in Dudley a few years ago? Most earthquakes occur at the boundaries of tectonic plates, but Dudley is thousands of miles from a plate boundary. The earthquake was caused by movements deep within the earth - possibly involving trapped water moving.