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The trigger for action

By Dissident Congress

We are convinced that there is not going to be an uprising by the masses against this corrupt government unless there is a house price crash on a scale that reverts house prices to at the most what they were in 1999/2000ish. It is well known that Labour tries to pacify the public with crap on TV like Big Brother and Eastenders, but it isn't so well known that Labour do everything in their power to make house prices rise faster than inflation to give homeowners a feel good factor. This feel good factor of rising house prices is highly effective at counteracting many of the other problems in this country to the point where few people give a damn about anything apart from how many thousands of pounds more my house is worth today compared with last year. Does anybody remember the early 90s when house prices plunged to rock bottom levels we saw road protests and numerous other public demonstrations? Events like these are nowhere to be seen today.

Sam Swerling mentioned that the public will not take to the streets unless another recession happens. He isn't strictly true because a recession started in Britain around 2004ish and almost no sectors of the economy are doing well apart from public sector nonjobs and property. The past few years have witnessed hundreds of thousands of job losses and industrial closures ranging from car factories to call centres. The IT job market is dire and highly skilled programmers and electronic engineers are having to take dead end jobs in Tescos or Starbucks. However, house prices march onwards and there is no sign of a crash in sight even with two shock interest rate rises. The British have traditionally seen house prices as the barometer of the economy. When the economy does well then house prices rise, and when the economy does badly then house prices fall. The days of this barometer are over because house prices are now dictated by supply and demand. Labour creates extra demand for houses with its open doors immigration policy and generous services to (bogus) asylum seekers including giving them council and housing association property originally built for British people. A tax and financial system that favours buy to let investors, coupled with Gordon Brown's pension crisis, also adds to the demand because houses are now seen more as financial investments and future pensions rather than places to live.

House prices are the trigger that patriots should be looking at. Issues like immigration, political correctness, asylum, Islam, the economy, civil liberties, crime, and stealth taxes mean nothing to most people as long as their house is rising in value. Until house prices really do crash, expect to see the BNP as nothing more than a protest vote, and no sign of anyone taking to action against the corrupt dictators running this country.